Spotlight on Poole Harbour 2018

Poole Maritime Festival is delighted to once again welcome Poole Harbour Study Group to the programme with their conference titled ‘Spotlight on Poole Harbour: Environment and Economics.’ Thirteen years ago the Poole Harbour Study Group held a conference which resulted in the book The Ecology of Poole Harbour. This 2018 conference aims to expand the scope of that, and last year’s Marine Protected Areas conference, by examining the relationship between the environment and the economy which it supports.


Poole Harbour is the perfect case study to look at interactions between environment and economics around the British coast. The largest natural Harbour in Europe is a Special Protection Area (SPA) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) while at the same time providing for shipping, oyster farming, motor yacht manufacture, tourism, a military base and commercial fishing, along with a range of other maritime sectors and the supply chains they support. It also lies over an oil field and supports a variety of recreational activities, not least sailing and angling. The Harbour also receives effluent from a large conurbation and an agricultural river catchment. Such features along with the intensity with which they interact make Poole Harbour a powerful case study of sustainable development in practice.


This conference examines aspects of the Harbour ecology and industry, including some of the steps taken to achieve sustainability, including contributions from Wessex Water, Othniel Oysters, Poole Harbour Commissioners, Natural England, Borough of Poole, Southern Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Poole Harbour Catchment Initiative, Bournemouth University and Birds of Poole Harbour.


Professor John Humphreys from the Poole Harbour Study Group said “we are delighted to be hosting this year’s conference as part of Poole Maritime Festival. Thanks to our sponsors the conference will be an engaging and invaluable contribution encouraging continuing work into maritime Poole and its magnificent Harbour. We are keen to welcome a varied audience from those working on the Harbour to members of the public interested in knowing more about the Harbour environment and its importance for Poole”


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