European Maritime Day, Thursday

18 May 2017

Lighthouse, Poole

EMD Conference and Exhibition is part of Poole Maritime Festival, held in a different EU country each year. EMD includes plenary and thematic sessions (with the participation of high level key-experts) as well as workshops that are self-organised by interested stakeholders. EMD on a regular basis attracts more than 1,000 maritime stakeholders for a high-level, innovative and exciting experience.

Working Title : 'Future of our seas'

Workshop themes:

  1. Innovation & Growth
  2. People & Skills
  3. Safety & Security
  4. Sustainability & Governance

Programe - Thursday


Registration and exhibition area

Light Refreshments available


Welcome and opening

Karen Coleman


Opening address

The Rt Hon John Hayes CBE MP

Minister for Shipping of the United Kingdom

Karmenu Vella

European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries


Barbara Jackson

Campaign Director, Race for the Baltic

Barbara Jackson has gone from high-flying corporate player to promoting change in the Baltic by bringing together disparate stakeholders from across the region.

Paul Stein

Director Research and Technology, Rolls Royce PLC

Responsible for the company’s global investment in R&T, as well as promoting innovation, sustainability and talent development


Coffee break


Leadership Exchange: Sustainable development of the seas – opportunities and challenges

Moderator: Fiona Harvey

The Guardian


Jean D'Amour

Minister for maritime affairs, Quebec (tbc)

Vasco Cordeiro 

President of the Azores, President of CPMR

Philippe De Backer

Secretary for state for the North Sea, Belgium

John Tucket

CEO Marine Management Organisation

Barbara Jackson

Campaign Director, Race for the Balti

Paul Stein

Director Research and Technology, Rolls Royce

Seas and oceans are important drivers for Europe's economy. Blue growth is accelerating worldwide offering enormous economic opportunities. But we need to develop them in a way that protects rather than exploits the oceans. Sustainability has long been at the heart of the EU. Europe's environmental improvements in recent decades have been driven by EU legislation providing high levels of protection in areas such as water quality and nature conservation, resulting in a better environment and a better quality of life for everyone to enjoy.

However, more complex global challenges remain to be tackled, such as the growing problem of marine litter and micro-plastics. While the EU is already taking action to address it at source, it plans to propose in 2017, as part of its Circular Economy Action Plan, a strategy on plastics, addressing issues such as recyclability, biodegradability, the presence of hazardous substances, and marine litter, which a clear international component.

Sustainability continues to require determined and coordinated action by governments. But it also needs serious commitments and breakthroughs from the private sector. European companies are world leaders in sustainability and transitioning to a low-carbon, climate resilient, resource-efficient and circular economy. Many companies and entrepreneurs, including in the maritime economy, have moved beyond notions of reducing their environmental impact or improving their corporate social responsibility towards accelerating real transformation. This session will discuss related challenges and opportunities and chart out the way forward.


Lunch break


Parallel workshops, themes 1-4


Coffee break


Parallel workshops, themes 1-4


Coffee break


Parallel workshops, themes 1-4

Thursday, 18 May 2017 to Thursday, 18 May 2017
Time : 08:30 AM to 06:30 PM
Location: Lighthouse